Our team of experienced and dedicated practitioners offer conveyancing services in a wide range of transactions catering to your real estate matters. We provide timely advice and comprehensive solutions to ensure that your property transactions are executed smoothly and promptly to meet the various stipulated timelines. Below are the services we provide:

  1. Sale and Purchase of Property
    In an ever-changing market, we are equipped with the experience and resources to handle residential, commercial and industrial work, providing thorough and effective advice to assist you through the legal, planning and regulatory aspects of your sale or purchase of property (HDB/ Private/ Commercial). Our team works closely with several trusted banks, allowing a complete and seamless transaction for your convenience.
  2. Tenancy & Lease
    Our practitioners have extensive experience in preparing and/or reviewing tenancy agreements, long term leases and other documents, representing landlords, tenants and developers across all asset classes. We provide solutions to ensure that your rights are protected while guiding you through various clauses in your relevant documents for complete understanding of the transaction.
  3. Refinancing of Mortgage Loans
    Our conveyancing practitioners assist you in preparing the documents you require while guiding you through the process of refinancing your mortgage loan. We work closely with various financial institutions and banks to assist with the refinancing of your properties.